1840 W 208th St Torrance CA 90501
1840 W 208th St Torrance CA 90501

The Dudes’ Brewing Company believes having fun is the most important ingredient for everything. With a focus on the Southern California lifestyle, our laid back approach to craft beer is seen in our personality, style and tasting room, but one thing that is always taken seriously is the brewing process. We plan to continue bringing great beers to everyone looking for a little slice of SoCal.

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20311 S Western Ave Torrance CA 90501 0.34 mi
1901 Del Amo Blvd Ste B Torrance CA 90501 0.39 mi
1266 Sartori Ave Torrance CA 90501 0.48 mi
2878 Columbia Street, Torrance, CA 90503, USA 1.52 mi

That sure is a beautiful copper brewhouse pictured to the right but unfortunately, it’s not ours! We operate on a much simpler and smaller converted 7 barrel grundy. This direct-fire system provides us with the opportunity to truly brew in an Old World style. We concentrate on crafting high quality small batch beers 5 to 6 barrels at a time (gotta have room for that boiling froth at the top). We use single infusion mashing in our open mash tun, though we do some decoction on occasion. All of our fermenters are glycol jacketed open fermenters that allow for temperature- controlled fermentation. While these fermenters may be open, they are always lidded to prevent contamination from floating in on the breeze. Each fermenter is capable of converting 12 barrels of wort into our fine beers, so most of our brews are double-batched to fill our fermenters.


Our brewery is massive! It is so massive that international beer corporations have swarmed upon us with their resumes to infiltrate our deepest secrets. For this very reason, we do not allow brewery walking tours. But rest your weary legs, take a seat in our tasting room and observe the entirety of our brewing operation from the comfort of a your seat with one of our fine brews in your hand.

See our tasting room hours for information on when you may participate in your very own up close and personal brewery tour experience.

18525 S Main St Carson CA 90248 2.46 mi
18525 S Main St Carson CA 90248 2.47 mi
2907 182nd St Redondo Beach CA 90278 3.05 mi
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