How to look cool while opening a bottle of bubbly

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So, you’ve misplaced your saber and now you’re wondering how you’re going to open that bottle of bubbly without shooting your eye out tonight.

Here are 5 tips on popping the cork like a pro:

  1. Remove the foil from the neck of the bottle & take off the cage around the cork. – Remember to keep the cork pointed away from anyone to avoid injuries (unless you really don’t like them).
  2. Holding the bottle by the base with one hand, tilt the bottle at a slight 45 degree angle, your thumb in the punt (this is the indentation at the bottom of the bottle).
  3. Hold the cork in your other hand and slowly twist the bottle by the base so it gently eases the cork out.
  4. Continue to twist the bottle, until the cork is just about all the way out.
  5. Keeping the cork safely in your hand, gently let that first burst of CO2 out of the bottle & pour!

Hint about pouring:
Do you often tend to overfill your glass of champagne and it ends up spilling over?
While it’s advisable to drink ‘most’ of your bubbly from the glass – rather than lapping it up off the counter (come on you know you’ve done it before) – try tilting your glass at an angle and pour a little slower (kind of like pouring a beer).


About the Author:
Heidi Butzine, CWX is the author of the Wineopolis® Wine-travel Guidebook series, curriculum author and Program Director for the Certified Wine Expert® Training and Certification Program.  She is also a member of the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association and the Society of Wine Educators.  Heidi is a native Californian and she loves wine (but couldn’t grow grapes if her life depended on it).  In addition to writing and helping others learn about wine, she dabbles in photography, loves to cook when inspired, plays on the drums once in a while and occasionally speaks French.

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