Instagram Paid Promotions for Wine Businesses

Welcome! The Wineopolis Instagram account is highly targeted consisting of Chefs, Sommeliers, Wine Shops, Wine Travelers, Wine Lovers, Wine Clubs that we can promote your product or service to directly via creative posts. Our audience is over 7300 people who engage between 100 and 300 likes per post depending upon the source material, copy and hashtags. They are fervent about Wine, Wine Travel and Wine Experiences.

Wineopolis Instagram Stats

  • Followers: 7339 (followers increasing on average 40/week)
  • Gender: 51% Women / 49% Men
  • Age Range: 18-24: 11% / 25-34: 32% / 35-44:26% / 45-54: 18% / 55-65: 8% / 65+: 4%
  • Countries: United States: 45% / Italy: 10% / Canada: 5% / Brazil: 4% / Spain: 4%
  • Cities: New York: 10% / Los Angeles: 6% / London: 6% / Barcelona: 4% / Milan: 4%

Instagram Promotion Fees

Our Instagram Paid Promotion for Wine Businesses is a flat fee of $200. This fee includes 1 post  one image (provided by you) with professionally written copy and relevant hashtags, tagging up to 2 other Instagram accounts.

Wineopolis is operated by Localista Media. To start your Instagram Paid Promotion for Wine Businesses campaign please click the payment button below and for the invoice number enter the account name (handle) that you wish to promote enter $200 for the amount and submit the payment. We will follow your account and reach out via Direct Message. You can also email us with any questions at

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