One-year milestone for a wine-loving entrepreneur business chick

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Heidi Butzine, author and senior editor at Wineopolis Press, is going to do a little celebrating and it will certainly involve wine as this month marks the one-year anniversary of the Wineopolis® Wine-travel Guidebook series.

Since releasing the first book on Amazon twelve months ago, Wineopolis has over 8,000 Facebook fans, a few hundred readers and now three guidebooks featuring Napa/Sonoma, Oregon and Temecula Valley with more on the way. Featuring the best of wine country– hand-picked by Heidi herself– the Wineopolis books are packed with winery reviews, wine-tasting tips, a wine journal and loads of info on restaurants, activities and local wine history.

Heidi a self-proclaimed wine-loving entrepreneur business chick started Wineopolis Press with the vision of combining her 12 years of experience on the corporate and small business side with her passion for wine. “Luckily, with my professional background and the encouragement from friends, launching the business was the easy part. Now the hard part is trying to be patient as I watch it grow.”

Her inspiration to launch was sparked by a trip to Tuscany. “Seeing how food and good wine were enjoyed in Europe – as a way of life and a way to connect with people – was very inspirational to me. I wanted to bottle this up – pun intended – and bring it back home to share with everyone.” In 2006, Heidi started writing wine-related articles focused on making wine easier to understand. “The more I learned about wine, the more I needed to know. All of the corks, wine labels and tasting notes I’ve hoarded over the years helped me write about my experiences and what I learned from them to share with others.”

In 2009, Heidi then started her own corporation as the platform to springboard new business ventures based on wine-and-food travel. Now the next phase for Wineopolis will be focused on showcasing more of wine country throughout the US in both online and print publications, recruiting guest writers and launching Wineopolis LIVE.

In addition to her role at Wineopolis, she is also now the Program Director of Certified Wine Expert® for Bartenders Association Internationale. “Knowing that I can help people discover wines and learn more about them through Wineopolis and Certified Wine Expert, is truly rewarding. I’m so grateful for the support of readers, fans and friends in the wine community. Let’s raise a glass to another year.”

About Heidi
Heidi Butzine is author of the Wineopolis® Wine-travel Guidebook series, senior editor at Wineopolis Press and the Program Director of Certified Wine Expert® for Bartenders Association Internationale. Heidi’s obsession is creating fun experiences and self-empowered learning tools to make it easy for anyone to learn more about wine and food. She is also a member of the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association and the Society of Wine Educators.

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