Pour the bubbly all night long

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Image: Heidi Butzine

            Champagne and sparkling wines are usually reserved for festive occasions.  Most people generally don’t drink Champagne except on New Years or for a celebration.  But your bottle of bubbly doesn’t have to be saved for a special occasion.  In fact, sparkling wine is a great choice that is so versatile that you could really drink just this one wine throughout a meal. 

            Some ‘bubbly’ wines can be quite cost effective as well.  If you choose a sparkling wine (rather than Champagne), you can find quite a few sparkling wines that offer as much without the price tag to match.  Some examples are Cava, from Spain or Prosecco from Italy.

           Sparkling wines generally have a lower alcohol content compared to most pre-dinner cocktails, so you can enjoy the rest of the evening without getting tipsy with a strong drink at the beginning of the evening. 

           If you are going to be eating a large meal, choosing to have a glass of sparkling wine can actually help improve your appetite.  It doesn’t weigh you down like a heavier wine or cocktail. 

            Sparkling wines can go with nearly any food.  The bubbles are good to combat greasy food, and the light citrus flavor works well with anything.  Sparkling wine can also stand up to pasta with heavy sauce, pizza, or fried foods.

            Besides being refreshing, sparkling wines and Champagne also have a citrus-like tang which brightens the mouth when eating various foods.  With its energizing zesty bubbles, Champagne and bubbly creates an occasion just by being opened.  As Dom Perignon is credited with saying, Champagne…is like drinking stars!

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