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The Schramsberg winery – Image:  Heidi Butzine

I am celebrating the month of February! Not necessarily because of Valentine’s Day or the Saints winning the Super bowl this year (although these are both great reasons). I am celebrating the completion of finally migrating this blog!

And what is great about this month is that I also received this year’s first shipment of sparkling wine direct from Schramsberg in Napa. This is certainly a sign from Bacchus, the wine god, suggesting that I take this opportunity to celebrate life with a bottle of bubbly. Why not?

As I open up a bottle of Schramsberg’s 2005 Brut Napa Valley Carneros from its box, it truly is like getting a gift from a great old friend of mine. I fell in love with this place so much that I have been a member of their wine club for quite a few years now. If you haven’t been there or tried their sparking wines, I encourage you to do so. First, the quality of their wines is fantastic. I actually prefer ‘Schram’ to ‘Dom’. And their J Davies Cabernet Sauvignon literally makes my eyes roll into the back of my head with sheer bliss, when I think of the dark berries, subtle spicy notes and truly luxurious finish. (For me, this is a treat much like candy was as a child.) And if you can actually visit the winery, you are in for quite an education and tribute to legacy. Taking their wine cave tour you will enjoy a little history lesson mixed with learning about making champagne, I mean “sparkling wine” – although Schram’s methods are the same. You will feel the pride in their product and their team (Ramon has been hand-riddling the bottles I think for nearly thirty years now) and how their sparkling wine – a “California Champagne” if you will – has been served to dignitaries from the White House to China. It really is a treat.

Getting a bottle of Schramsberg brings me back to memories of visiting the winery and meeting the people there who work so hard to preserve their traditions and legacy. And having spent the past month reliving so many moments from my travels over the years, viewing old photos and blog posts, I cannot think of a better way to celebrate these memories than with my Schramsberg.

I have had a lot of fun looking back at where I’ve been, the people I’ve met and what I’ve learned. As this blog continues to evolve, I look forward to sharing experiences from my ongoing wine journey.


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  1. This sounds fanny and my spouse LOVES bubbly. Could you give us a bit about the character of the Schramsberg? Is it typical of Bruts and dry (which we like?). Body? Thanks. Interesting blog.

  2. Thanks for your post! Schramsberg definitely follows tradition typical of brut champagnes but they are all very well balanced; crisp, dry with full fruit flavors. If you and your wife like the dry stuff, try the Brut Rose or their Blanc de Blancs. If you want to try something a little sweeter, my favorite is their Blanc de Noirs, made from Pinot Noir grapes. They have quite a variety. If you really want to impress your sweetheart, it is definitely worth a trip to sample several and see what you like best. Cheers!

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