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Portugal’s wine country

Port may be the most famous wine produced by Portugal, but it is in no way the only worthy wine. Notably, Madeira, another fortified wine like Port, is also from Portugal. Portugal also produces other varieties of red, white, and rose wines.

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Spain’s wine country

Rioja and Cava are popular exports from Spain but there is so much more that Spanish wines have to offer. Learn about the main regions and grapes of Spain and their designated marks of quality.

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Wine in Montalcino – The story behind Brunello

Brunello is a special wine in many ways. It can be rich and perfumed, yet brawny, and also elegant all simultaneously. You probably wouldn’t pick a Brunello for simple sipping. Depending on the producer and the style, the flavors can come out quite different. It is a complex wine.

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Italy’s wine country

Italy is split into numerous wine growing regions. Wine is a way of life in Italy and is served with most meals. This is a good start for navigating some of the Italian wines out there.

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Germany’s wine country

Navigating German wines can be intimidating at first but with these tips you will be able to decipher labels and know what you’re buying and drinking without taking any language lessons.

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