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Wines to watch from Texas

Mother Nature is shining on Texas vineyards this year. Thanks to a great Spring with no frost, just the right balance of moisture and low temperatures, Texas wine makers are enjoying a fantastic year.

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Getting lost in wine country

It was last month during a road trip to Napa when I learned to never again question the motives of my sometimes confused, often snippy navigation system (I call her ‘Nav’).  Sure it provides directions, but it just might lead you to a fantastic experience!      As we trekked through wine country on assignment […]

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Reason to Celebrate!

Getting a bottle of Schramsberg brings me back to memories of visiting the winery and meeting the people there who work so hard to preserve their traditions and legacy. And having spent the past month reliving so many moments from my travels over the years, viewing old photos and blog posts, I cannot think of a better way to celebrate these memories than with my Schramsberg.

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France’s wine country

French wines are considered the best in the world. One reason is because they have standards that wines must meet in order to be allowed to have certain titles on their labels. They also have a wide variety of grape growing climates. Each region of France has its own wine characteristics.

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